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Kevin P. Scannell


This page has been provided as an aid to package maintainers and others who might be unable to read the GaelSpell home page which is entirely in Irish. This is in no sense a translation of the Irish page (which contains much more detailed descriptions).

For Linux users, we have packages which provide Irish language support for the most widely used spellcheckers in the Open Source community: ispell-gaeilge, for Geoff Kuenning's International Ispell, aspell-gaeilge for Kevin Atkinson's Aspell, and hunspell-gaeilge for the spellchecker. The word lists are identical, just packaged differently.

Diarmaid Mac Mathúna has also repackaged the same underlying word list for use on Windows machines; it is available (under the GPL) from the GaelSpell site:


Alternate Models

The default word list conforms strictly to standardized Irish spelling. You can generate either a "literary" or "dialect" model (ispell only) by changing the variable INSTALLATION at the top of the Makefile to gaeilgelit or gaeilgemor and using "make" as usual.

The gaeilgelit model contains many obsolete or obscure (but standardly spelled) words which are probably best left out of any good Irish spellchecker. For instance, brúitíneach (a stumpy or stuffy person in Ó Dónaill) is a likely misspelling of the much more common word bruitíneach (the measles). Other typical "dangerous" word pairs: deirc for déirc. múid for muid, etc.

The gaeilgemor model, on the other hand, contains non-standard or dialect spellings (alongside the standard spellings) and accepts non-standard inflections of verbs. This greatly reduces its effectiveness as a spellchecking tool; indeed, anyone who uses non-standard forms so frequently that he or she finds the standard model inadequate will likely disagree with the very concept of an Irish spellchecker in the first place!

With all this in mind, I strongly urge installers to make the standard model the default on your system.

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