GaelSpell Unix:

Kevin P. Scannell


Only a handful of people have corresponded with me about these packages and no one has contributed any words. Perhaps having an appeal in English will inspire some learners to contribute.

GaelSpell development is hosted at Github. There you'll find the source repository (going back to 2001), bug tracking system, and the project wiki.

I have the software infrastructure in place so that if someone sends me a list of "headwords" with grammatical information, all inflected forms of the word will be added automatically. This is a much more efficient (and less error-prone) way of building up a good word list than by adding forms one by one into a personal dictionary.

The word list already contains a large number of Irish personal names and placenames, but these were not added in any systematic way, and there are possibly quality issues. If there is anyone with a particular interest in this area that would like to help, please get in touch with me at kscanne at gmail dot com.

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